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Honest Logistics

By air, sea or via large and modern cargo trucks


We will continue to innovate our services and evolve for our customers’ satisfaction. We promise top quality service in return for your trust.

Trucking Services

We provide reliable and timely trucking services to ensure the smooth and secure delivery of goods to their intended destinations.


 Our comprehensive warehousing solutions offer ample storage space and efficient inventory management to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Project Logistics Services

we specialize in offering comprehensive project logistic services to efficiently manage and coordinate the transportation of large-scale and complex shipments for our clients.

Ocean Freight

We provide reliable and cost-effective ocean freight services to facilitate the seamless transportation of our clients’ goods across international waters.

Air Freight

We offer efficient and secure air freight services to expedite the transportation of our clients’ goods globally.

Customs Clearance

We offer exceptional custom clearance services to ensure a smooth and efficient process for importing and exporting goods.

Packing and Moving

We provide reliable and professional packing and moving services to ensure a seamless transition for our clients’ goods.

Supply Chain Managment

 Our supply chain management service ensures seamless coordination and optimization of all aspects of the supply chain, from procurement to distribution.

Our Client List

Our extensive client list is a testament to the exceptional quality and effectiveness of our supply chain management and service. We have had the privilage of working with a diverse range of industry leading companies, some of which are listed below.

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